Complete digital audio recording/mastering studios; 

Designed to best accommodate the post audio needs of independent film makers, broadcast producers and editorial content film and video. We specialize in sound design, sound editing, dialog editiing, ADR syncing/looping, Foley and Sound Effects recording and editing. 


And we are modern day media composers;

With experience in narrative film, documentaries, movie trailers and short films. Complete digital mockups, scribed parts for musicians, music editors, arrangers and two fully digital recoding facilities for all music production needs.


Plus, mixing and mastering all digital assets for broadcast deliverables, screenings and prepping for Streaming and PodCasts. We always we adhere to worldwide broadcast standards when needed.


You can work directly with us at our studios or through FTP servers and dedicated hard drives. We assure your comfort in either case and we communicate with previews all through the process of designing your audio.