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The People Behind your project

Jim Rieder

Chief engineer, sound designer, composer and managing partner.

Jim studied audio and video production at the Walter Cronkite School of broadcasting while attending Arizona State University. Upon receiving his BFA degree in TV Arts/Sciences,  he worked at numerous recording studios and video production companies in Phoenix, LA and Cleveland. And in the capacities as director, producer, studio manager, audio engineer, composer and mixing engineer for studios such as; Vintage Recorders, Go-Video, Video in Phoenix, Downtown Digital Post (PHX Suns), Image Avenue and The Production Source. Producing audio and video products for client companies such as; The Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks, Intel, Motorola and various ad agencies. 

Jim brings over 35 years of combined experience to every project and with every client. And as he always says, "There's no substitute for experience".


Hal Wright

Composer, Arranger & Producer


Hal Wright has been involved in music for 35 years. He has produced over 300 full length recording projects, gaining 8 gold and 1 platinum records in the process. He has composed or co-composed countless children’s songs. Also, he has nearly 200 choral arrangements in print. His added talents to our group is vast in scale and insures all our scoring clients of reliable orchestrations, arranging, producing and composing for orchestra and musicians.

Hal in studio.png

Cribworks Digital Audio

Cribworks Digital Audio, located in Liberty Hill, TX is a sister studio and is a world class recording facility which happens to be on a beautiful ranch just outside of Austin. We partner with Cribworks when any given project requires songwriters, vocal artists, live players and ADR recording. My great friend Merel Bregante is the owner and chief engineer and collectively has over 50 years in the recording industry as a producer, engineer, musician and downright great guy to work with. Check out his website when you have the chance. I know you'll be impressed by Merel's attention to detail and a commitment to honoring the acoustic realism of digital recording.


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