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Live instrument recording, Vocals, Voice Overs and digital mastering.

Use this LINK for complete studio info

at Cribworks Digital.



Digital Audio Work Stations
       AVID- Protools 11.3 (Native)

        Steinberg Cubase Pro 11

        Steinberg WaveLab 9-broadcast standards

        Studio One 5

        Mixbus 5


Digital Audio Interface

Focusrite Saffire Pro 40

Apogee "Ensemble"

       PPMulator Broadcast peak metering

       Dynaudio DBM50 near field monitors Stereo
       JBL-Pro mark II Quad, center and 5.1

HDA-4 headphone splitter and amp (four discrete stereo           headphone mixes)

       GRADO labs Music series headphones (2)

       SONY MDR 7506 headphones (4)

Control Surface

 KORG nano Kontrol-2

Computer Hardware
MAC Pro, 12-core Xeon 64GB of RAM, 3.6GHz front end buss and over 10T of RAID storage. 

4TB SSD drive & rack storage

Apple Macbook Pro. (location recording)

Keyboards & VI's

Alesis Q-88 Midi Controller


Native Instruments & these 3rd Party libraries;               
         LASS strings        


        AEON melodic & rhythmic  percussion 

         NI Ethnic World voices & Choirs

         Gravity pack-2: Natural Forces

         VOCALISE, Scoring Guitars

         SoniVox  Symphonic Strings- full library

         Hollywood Winds

         Brass Solo; trumpet, trombone and Tuba

Cine Strings 

           Cinematic Strings-Full Library

           Cinematic Studio Strings

           Runs and Trills

           Tin Guo solo Cello


          Drums of War 1 & 2

          DAMAGE drum library

          Cine Orchestra

          Deep Percussion beds II

          12-horn ensemble 

          Cinematic percussion-3 (Big Fish Audio)

Chris Hein

         Orchestra Brass

           Solo Violin

           Solo Viola

 Tony Broz

             Solo Cello

             Solo Viola


         Voices Library-v.6

Spitfire Audio

           Hans Zimmer Percussion Pro

           Hans Zimmer Strings

           Scary Strings

           EVO Grid strings

           Albion ONE & v.1.2

           Albion Legacy

           BT Phobos convolution analog synth

           Felt Piano

           Bone Phalanx (Trombone libraries)

           Symphonic Brass

           London Concert Strings

           Bernard Herman Composer toolkit

           London Contemporary Orchestra Strings

           Symphonic Brass

           Orchestral Swarm

           Solo Strings

           eDNA convolution synth



          Primal Synth

          Scoring tools



           REV X-Loops


           Analog Strings

           Analog Brass & Winds           


           Geosonics, Atmospheres and room tones

           Giant Bass tongue drum

           Samuinoriu Drums

Orchestra Tools

         Berlin Horns

           Solo, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet

           Dominus Choir

Zero-G Libraries

         Alien Skies

           Etherea (female vocals)


           Eastern Percussion


           Surface Tension

           Ambient Sound Wave

           ARC Sound Designer

           Critical mass


           Ethnic Flavors


           Inspiring Guitars            



           AizerX Trailer tool kit

           AizerX Classic Trailer tool kit

Audio Imperia

           Jaeger orchestra

8Dio Libraries

Adagio Cellos, violins, violas and basses.

Grandioso Cellos, Violas and Violins.

Bulbul Tarang, Polyphon, Solo violin, Wrenchenspiel, 

Dobro and Dobro Strummer

Free Angels

Free radicals sound design elements

Ambient Guitar

Hybrid Tools I & II

Mini Guitar

Strummer guitar

Steel Stringer 12-string

Electric Violin

Dobro strummer & Dobro

Rhythmic Aura Sound design elements v.2

The Epic Dhol Ensemble. Tuned ethnic drum

Epic Frame Drum


Synthetic Shadows

Sound Iron Libraries:

          Sick 1, 2, 3 , 4 & 5 Sound design elements for SiFi,                   Apocalypse Elements percussion
          Olympus micro Choir

          Solo Tenor

          Tuned micro

          Elvish Chior

          Holy Ambience



          Aztec Death whistle

          Symphony Brass Series

          PVC Beatbox


          Snow Drums



U-He analog Synth VI

         U-he Zebra-2 Analog Synth sampler

         U-he Zebra-2HZ Hans Zimmer samples

        Analog V-Pad

Magnus Smartelectronix 

          Ambience verb and spacial designer

Master Works Mastering suite;
           Compressor (stereo & 5.1)
           multi-level compressor
           8-band parametric EQ            
           Noise Gate 



Software for Deliverables & Mastering


iZotope Products

     "Final Mix"

      iZotope RX Loudness Control-broadcast

      iZotope Neutron mastering plug

       izotope Ozone 9

       iZotope RX 8 Advanced

      iZotope Alloy 2 

 Melodyne 4 Editor (pitch and edit controls)

 Slate Digital FG-X mastering compressor

 VocAlign dialog and vocal editor for ADR perfect sync

Minnetonka  SurCode DOLBY Pro Logic II (Lt/Rt)

Apple Compressor for Dolby AC-3 stereo and 5.1

Roxio Toast 12.0 Titanium

SFX Libraries & production music

Hollywood Edge, 35 CD collection

Skywalker Sound, 20 CD collection

Pro Sound FX, The Odyssey Collection

Smart Sound website

Sound Dogs website


Premium Beat


Audio Sparx

APM music

9-volt Audio Libraries:

TAIKO" drums
Stickbreakers 1, 2 & 3, multiple toms and concert  drums

The Ultimate RMX drum construction. (175Gb)

Action Toms 1 & 2

Action Drums

Best Bandit

Big bad Bass GTR

bass V2

Big Bad GTR's V1, 2 & 3

textured GTR's

funky guitars

melodic REX

Organ explosion

Pop Rock GTR's

textural REX

The Beat Aesthetic wi Taiko    



Drums of the Deep i & II 

Strings of Europe

    Violins (1 & 2), violas, celli & DBL bass 

Cinematic Strings II

Cinematic percussion III

Sinedust Big percussion


Embertone Libraries


Sensual sax

Blakus solo Cello 

Intimate Strings LITE

Shire Whistle

The Keyboard (Rhodes, Wurlitzer)


Jug Drums (plastic buckets, tuned)

The Kitchen (various SFX from kitchens)

Additional Third Party libraries for KONTAKT


         Rise & Hit 

         Action Strings

         Session Horns

         Vintage Horns

         Realivox Blue (female voice modeling)
         Retro Machines

         Vintage Organs

         Abbey Rd. Vintage Drummer
         Dan Dean Solo strings            
         Sample Logic - SYNERGY-X & Thunder Springs
        Impacts & Rythms
        Intimate Guitar 12-string

         Kinetic metal
        Pettinhouse acoustic/classical guitars

         Ethno World-6 Vocal samples

         Alien Cinema

         Action Toms, Hans Zimmer

         AEON libraries

         Darkness, part 1: sound design

         Groove Monkey, digital drum loops

         GD-6 acoustic GTR        

         Retro machines, vintage synths from 70's

         Primal Synth

Vienna Symphonic Library

 Appassionata Strings II (standard & extended)
SE Strings Plus (standard & extended)
  Solo Strings (violin, viola, cello and bass

East/West SOL Libraries


   Voices of passion

   Ministry of Rock




EZ Drummer-2 & Superior Drummer-3

         loaded with; Jazz kit, NY Avatar kit, Music City, Americana, Number 1 Hits, Classic Yamaha, Ludwig, Pearl kits and Classic-4 -mic (John Bonham micing) Latin Percussion and Cocktail kits. Plus hundreds of custom written drum kits and MIDI files for quick mockups.



    Equitech CAD-300D
    AKG  Perception-220

    Schoeps SUPER-CMIT-2U  Digital Shotgun

     Rode NTG-2 shotgun

    Sennheiser MKH 60 (4 separate capsules)

    Shure BETA-58 (3)

    SE mic isolation system (voice over & Foley)

    Foley/ADR booth


Location recording for SFX and atmospheres

    Tascam DR-100

    AZDEN FMX-42A 4 mic/line in, two out

    Two fishpoles and wind socks

    Azden WIX Pro wireless LAV's (2)    



Audio Ease Altiverb V.7x (stereo and 5.1)


       TC Electronic ESS3 reverb (based on the TC-6000)
       ProVerb (convolution reverb)
       Knufinke SIR-2 Impulse Response reverb (with over                  300IR's)

       Protools reverb plugins

       Cubase Pro 10 Verb plugins

       PSP Piano verb

        Valhalla room verb

        BLACK HOLE

        Mangled VERB


        Lexicon PSP42 Verb

        NI-Replica XT



Stylus RMX



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Film Scoring,Sound Design,Dialog editing, Sound Editing,Foley/SFX and mastering studio

Questions about gear, staff or booking dates?


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