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35 Gold & Silver Telly Awards for editorial projects in sound design and music production. (1984-1995)

4   Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards for sound editing and music production. (1988-1990)

3   Arizona Addy's for sound editing and music production. (1987-1992)


"Diabolical Tales part-1 thru 3" three feature films Shock film Festival, 2005, Best sound, feature film 

"The Path of the Wind" feature film, Winner-Atlanta Film Festival, 2009, score and sound editing,  a Vision Video Release.

"Shadows of the Past", feature film, Australia, Barnholtz Entertainment. Winner-Mexican International Film Festival, 2009, sound edit and surround mix, feature film. 

"Shadows of the Past" feature film, winner-Las Vegas Film Festival, 2009, Silver Palm Awards, sound editor.

"The Take", Ouat Media, Canada LA DV Film Festival, 2006,  score and sound editing, short film animation, 

"The Perfect Boy" short film, Cannes,sound design and underscore, 

“Brother” 2012, short animation film, sound designer and dubbing mixer for theatrical and DVD releases. Award winning at these festivals; 

                    Festival De Cannes, 2015

                    Atlanta Film Festival 2013

                    Cinequest Film Festival 2013

                    Boston Science Fiction Film Festival 2013

                    Indie Memphis Film Festival 2012

                    Philadelphia Film and Animation Festival 2012

                    Feel Good Film festival 2012

                    SoCal Film Festival 2012 (Award for Achievement in Micro-filmmaking)

                    MetroCaf 2012

                    SIGGRAPH 2012

                    California International Shorts Festival 2012

                    Blue Plum Animation Festival 2012

"Together Forever", 2013 TV feature length mini series (3), score, sound editing and dubbing mixer for broadcast and theatrical releases.

                    winner-Belize film International film festival, 2013

                    winner-Washington D.C Asian Film Festival, 2013

"Immune", 2012 Berlin Film Festival, winner for best score and sound design in a short film under 30-minutes. 

“Alive-5” 2015, SiFi awards in Boston, NYC and RI., sound editing, sound design and mixing.

“Something in The Woods”, 2015, Bigfoot convention award for best film. Supervising Sound Editor

“World Cup Cricket” 2015, Commercial Spot for the UK, score, sound design and dialog editing.

"Give Me a Ring" 2016, Short film, LA digital film festival, sound editor, additional score, re-recording mixer

"Indigo", 2016 Animated short film, Cannes selection, SIGGRAPH, composer, SFX editor

"Cold Chains, Hard Hearts & Bloody Hands", 2016, feature film, winner, best western CalArts festival,sound editor, 5.1 mix

"Dream of a Lullaby", 2016, feature film, palm Desert film festival, Berlin film festival, sound editor, dialog editor, SFX editor.

"New Zealand Travel", 2016, time-lapse short film, Downunder festival winner, Composer.

"Idemuza", 2018, feature film. African International Festival, best film composer, sound editor, dubbing mixer;
                    2017 Winner, best feature film: Africa International Film Festival

                    2018 Special Selection at Festival De Cannes

                    2018 Winner, best feature under $100k budget, Black Film Makers festival, Atlanta, GA, 

                    2018 Special selection, Berlin Film Festival

"Birthday", 2018 Short film, Composer, sound editor, New York Film Academy, final selection

"Remembrance", 2018, Cineteller Productions, short film, Composer, sound editor, dubbing mixer;








  • "Lucy in The Sky", 2019. Trailer, Fox Searchlight, composer

  • "The Haunting of Borley Rectory", 2019, Trailer, Haunted, composer

  • "Never Grow Old", 2019, Trailer, Saban Films, Composer

  • "Captive State", 2019, trailer, Focus Features, Composer

  • "Glass", 2019, Trailer, Universal, Composer

  • "Tolkien", 2019, Trailer, Fox Searchlight, Composer

  • " Dark Light". 2019, Trailer, ZEE Studios, Sound editor and composer

  • " SCU Campaign Video", 2019, Short Promo, Cineteller Productions, LLC, Composer & mixing engineer

  • "nowhere ALASKA", 2018-2019, Feature film, Vagabond North films, Composer

  • "First Man", 2018, Trailer Composer

  • "Chasing Molly", 2018, Feature Film, Mountain Light Entertainment, Sound Supervisor, dialog editor, additional music, re-recording engineer

  • "Solar Winds", 2018, IPO video (editorial) music supervisor, sound editor and mixing engineer

  • "Mission Impossible-6", 2018-2019, Trailer Score, SFX editor

  • "Tomb Raider", 2018 Trailer Composer, SFX editor

  • "Annihilation", 2018, Trailer Composer, sound designer

  • "Mission Impossible-6" 2018, Trailer Composer, Sound editor.

  • "Threat Matrix", 2018, Sales presentation, social media, composer, sound editor and dubbing mixer.

  • "Avast Security Products", 2018, Sales presentation, social media. Music supervisor, sound editor, dubbing mixer.

  • "Despegar IPO", 2017-2018, IPO road show video. Music supervisor, music editor, sound editor, dubbing mixer.





  •      "Birthday" (2017-2018) Short film, Composer and sound editor.

  •      "Murder on the Orient Express" (2017) Trailer composer, sound designer.

  •      "Bladerunner 2049, (2017) Trailer composer, Warner Brothers

  •      "Red Sparrow", (2017) Trailer Score, 20th Century Fox

  •      "Brimstone", (2017) Trailer Score, Momentum Pictures, N@&( Entertainment

  •      "Realive", (2017) Trailer score, SYFY Films

  •      "The Snowman", (2017) Trailer score, Universal and Working title films

  •      "Pilgrimage", (2017) Trailer score and sound design, RLJ|Entertainment,  XYZ Films, UK

  •      "Remembrance", (2017) Trailer score, Cineteller Productions.

  •      "The Lost City of Z" (2017) composer, mixing engineer, trailer only

  •       "Dunkirk" (2017) composer and SFX editor, trailer only

  •       "My Cousin Rachel" (2017) composer, mixing engineer, trailer only

  •       "Coma" (2017) composer, sound designer, trailer only

  •       "Dr. Strange" (2017) composer, mixer trailer only

  •       "Idemuza" (2017) feature Film, composer, sound editor and re-recording engineer

  •       "Snowden" (2016) Trailer score

  •       "Jack reacher, never go Back" (2016 Trailer score and sound design

  •       "The great Wall" (2016) Trailer score and sound design

  •       "Inferno" (2016) Trailer score and sound editing​

  •       "Independence Day-2, Resurgance" (2016) trailer score and additional sound design.

  •       "The Huntsman, Winter Wars" (2016) trailer score and additional sound design. 

  •       "In the Heart of the Sea" (2016) Composer/arranger Trailer score only

  •       "The Revenant" (2016) Composer/arranger, trailer score

  •       "The Young Messiah" (2016) Composer & Sound Designer, Trailer



  • "Crimson Peak" (2015 - 2016) Film (Thriller)Composer/arranger Trailer Score

  • "Regression" (2015 - 2016) Composer/arrangerTrailer Score

  • "The C-Word" (2015) Film (short) by One-Two Punch Films Composer/Sound Editor

  • "The Morphs" (2015) Television by The ARTS channel, Sydney. Composer/Sound Designer

  • "Mission Impossible, Rouge nation" trailer score (2015) Film by Paramount composer & Sound designer

  • "Something in the Woods" (2015), feature film, Supervising Sound Editor, dialog editor.


  • "Design-41" (2014) Industrial commercial and sales promo by EB-5 Florida, composer

  • "Endota Spa" (2014) Commercial by Same, Composer

  • "Fury"-trailer only (2014) Film by Sony/Columbia Pictures, Composer/arranger

  • "Interstellar"-trailer only (2014) Film by Paramount/Warner Brothers/ Euro Cinema, Composer

  • "Magora" (2014) Television Series (12 episodes) by PBS, San Diego, Composer

  • "Noah"-trailer only (2014) Film by Regency/Paramount, Composer

  • "The Signal"-trailer only (2014) Film by Low Spark Films, Focus Features, Composer

  • "X-Men, Days of Future past"- Trailer only (2014) Film by 20th Century Fox, Composer

  • "Dream of a Lullaby" (2014) Film (short) (Drama, Thriller and Short) Sound Designer, dialog editor, foley artist


  • "Inception"-trailer only (2013)
    Film (short) Demo score in the style of Hans Zimmer. re-score Composer

  • "The Eleven" (2013)
    Commercial by Arts in Stark/NFL, Composer & Dubbing Mixer

  • "Titans-war of the ages" (2013)
    Internet by Muse Games, Sound Editor/Designer, music producer

  • "Rocket from the Grave" (2013)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Short) Sound editor, sound designer, dubbing mixer.

  • "Together Forever" (2013)
    Feature Film by Nitin Adsul, 7 Dots Media Group, LLC (Drama, Biography) Sound designer, composer. 

  • "Violence of the Mind"  (2013)Feature Film (Horror and Thriller) Dialog editor, sound editor and dubbing mixer.

  • "Zombie Ed" (2013)
    Feature Film by Ren Blood (Comedy and Horror) Supervising Sound Editor.

  • Film (short) by Saunders Film (Thriller) Composer & Sound Designer

  • "Brother" (2013)
    Animation by PIXAR/Disney, Sound Designer, dubbing mixer

  • "Painkiller" (2012)
    Feature Film, Music Arranger and mixing engineer

  • "Bridge" (2012)
    Film (short) by Nick Flint (Drama, Thriller and Short) Composer


  • "Blood & Soil" (2011)Film (short) by London Film School/Warped Wing Productions, Composer

  • "Immune" (2011) Film (short) by Anadromous Project Composer/Sound Designer/mix engineer

  • "Heads Up" (2010) Film (short) by Alternate Associates, Composer

  • "M" is for Milk (2010) Television by PBS-Boston, Sesame Street Productions. Composer and sound designer

  • "The Perfect Boy" (2010) Film (short) by Liberte Films, Sound Designer, music arranger, mixing engineer

  • "The Ridge Boys" (2010) Short Film by Starving Cinema Composer & Sound Designer

  • "Chiara" (2010) Italy, Feature Film by Drew Walkup (Drama, Family and Romance) Sound editor, doalog editor and dubbing mixer

  • "Shadows of the Past" (2009) Sydney, Feature Film by Barnholtz Entertainment Sound editor, music arranger/producer Dubbing mixer

  • "The 48-hour Challenge" (2009) Television Series (13) by Bayer Media/FOX, Composer, Sound editor

  • "Kamikazes: A Deathography" (2009) Feature film by Lin Fahrenheit (Crime and Drama) Sound editor, sound designer, mixing engineer

  • "Perception" (2009) Feature Film by Wade Wofford (Drama) dialog editor, sound designer.

  • "The Path of the Wind" (2009) Feature Film by Branding Iron Films, VISION Video release. (Drama) Composer , sound editor, foley artist and re-recording mixer.

  • "Royal Kill" (2008) Feature Film by Hong Kong LIBERTY Films, Composer

  • "How to Be a Loan Shark" (2008) Film (Short, Action and Drama) Composer, Written by Ashley A. H. Smith

  • "Babysitting Andy" (2007) Film (Short) Sound editor, Foley artist, dubbing mixer

  • "Collectibles" (2007)  Phoenix, AZ, Animation Film (Comedy, Sci-Fi and Short) composer & sound designer

  • "Diabolical Tales: Part II" (2007) Feature film by Brandon Kane (Comedy and Sci-Fi) Sound editor, SFX editor, mixing engineer. 

  • "Diabolical Tales: Part III" (2007-2008) feature Film by Brandon Kane (Comedy and Sci-Fi) Sound editor, SFX editor, mixing engineer.  

  • "A Real Gem" (2006) Short film (Documentary, Short, Comedy and Drama) Sound editor and dubbing mixer

  • "Diabolical Tales: Part I" (2006) Feature Film (Comedy and Sci-Fi) Sound editor, SFX editor, mixing engineer.  

  • "Rag Tag" (2006) feature Film by Adaora Nwandu (Drama and Romance) dialog editor, SFX editor, Foley artist.

  • "The Take" (2006) Animated Short film by Travis Lewis (Animation and Comedy) Composer, sound editor, SFX editor, dubbing mixer

  • "Pessimistic Mindset" (2005) Fahrenheit Films, Feature Film (Drama) sound editor, Foley artist, SFX editor, mixing engineer.

  • "Pretty" (2005) Film (Short and Drama) Sound editor, dialog editor, mixing engineer

  • The Dissection of a Frog's Heart" (2003) Feature Film by Lemuria Films Sound Designer/co-composer/music producer

Pre 2000 

various editorial, commercial and short films as Producer and owner of The Production Source.